Are you frustrated, because your pain isn't getting better?

How you as an athlete can regain control over your pain by following a scientifically proven method.

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Has your current therapy not been effective?

You have surely already tried soooome things…

… Exercises, massages, adjustments, cupping, electrotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, medications – no matter what!

Some of those have helped temporarily, while other things not at all.

On one hand, you are frustrated and wonder how to proceed.

And on the other hand, you simply do not want to accept that THIS will now remain a permanent condition.

However, that is likely to happen if you don’t change anything about your current approach.

You simply need someone who truly takes TIME for you, carefully analyzes your current situation, and accompanies you on your journey of pain management.

Are you skeptical? Understandable! Keep reading and convince yourself.”

The success concept

his type of physiotherapy is definitely different from what you have experienced so far. We take as much time for you as necessary, instead of squeezing you into a time window of 6x20 minutes.

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Detailed Assessment

After a comprehensive assessment, we will create your personalized pain management plan. The plan will be provided to you through our coaching app, along with instructional videos for each exercise.

Ongoing Support

Through the app, we are reachable for you. In our monthly conversations, we clarify open questions and explain the background of the therapy. Instead of leaving you alone, we accompany you intensively on your way towards pain relief.

Dynamic Changes

Through our regular contact, we can always adjust the plan very flexibly to your current situation. So, your rehab will always be dynamically tailored to you and your progress.


This approach has been tried and tested in practice and has already worked for numerous athletes.

  • Yasmin Kartes

    Dancer & Trainer

    Very satisfied - Effective coaching - Top support

    I had been experiencing hip pain for almost four years, which had been limiting me in my job as a dance teacher as well as in daily life. During this time, I had visited various sports physicians, undergone physiotherapy, and tried osteopathy. However, nothing really helped me. That's when I turned to Gino and Perform Perfect.

    I had hoped that the coaching would help alleviate my pain to some extent or that I would learn to deal with it better. These expectations were even exceeded, as after 4 years, I have been pain free for more than 3 months. Thank you very much, Gino!

  • Fabian Kunz

    Soccer Player & Physiotherapist

    I never thought that the Coaching would benefit me so much.

    I am a soccer plyer and came to Gino for coaching due to my chronic knee pain which started a year ago. Initially, I never thought that the coaching would benefit me so much. Now, after over two months of coaching, I can truly say that it has helped me tremendously. Although the coaching costs are not low, every cent has truly been worth it for me! I am a physiotherapist myself and have good knowledge, but Gino has taken me to a completely new level within two months.

  • Sandra Weber

    Cyclist & Jogger

    A huge recommendation from me for all those who want to leave their pain behind.

    The coaching experience with Gino has been truly amazing. I've gained valuable insights into myself, my body, my pains, training, and recovery. It has not only helped me quickly return to my beloved sport but also appreciate Gino's comprehensive and sustainable approach.

    Rather than just addressing symptoms, the focus is on addressing root causes and rebuilding trust in my body in the long term. Personally, this approach has been truly transformative for me. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Gino's coaching to anyone looking to move past their pains and rediscover carefree joy in life.

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Meet your Coach

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Gino Lazzaro

Gino Lazzaro is one of the most well-known sport physiotherapists in the German-speaking region. He specializes in working with athletes who have been experiencing pain for over 3 months.

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Fulda, where he also worked as a lecturer in the Physiotherapy program.

Subsequently, he obtained a Master’s degree in Sport Physiotherapy from the Sports University in Cologne.

In addition to his work with amateur and professional athletes, he creates YouTube videos, gives lectures, and writes articles for journals.


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